Lights and Shadows 

I look for the natural rendition of what I see when I film. I want it as naturl as possible with ambient light if possible. A master of Fashion photography taught me that the "shot" Had to be planned. He urged the use of shadows with natural light. 

My images are not edited. The setup needs to bedone within the camera and using the approriate fast lense(s). I try to match camera settings for both film and stills. 


These shots were taken at 4K full frame. They were exported as Jpg for the purpose of publishing on the WEB. Because of these settings,  I can export my files at billboard size in High definition. All the files are rendered in the IPP2 workflow, using REC 709 Color space and Log3G10 Gamma curve

I do sell my work, and I do so exclusively. Sold work is not offered again to other parties.