Michel Jaumin

Michel Jaumin (6)

Award winning fashion Photographer and filmmaker, with a focus on Brands, Personalities, designers, Haute Couture and Models.


Elegance et classisisme de la beaute pure, sont des qualitees innees. L'elegance est telle, que dans le regard, elle est discernable. Que l'image soit en…

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Summer, Rome

The opportunity to work with renowed Fashion photographer Fulvio Maiani in Rome, Italy was not to be passed. The designer featured by the shoot in…

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Certaines femme ont un sens inné de l'allure classique.. Ajoute a une couture de marque, un ensemble est cree qui rivalise l'atrait d'une mode…

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Les Portraits- Portraits

The ability to interact with a subject posing, and working to get that exact moment where the image tells a story. The captured image…

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